Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poo-Gate 2013

By Liz


It is amazing the amount of security and courage that we have behind email or written word vs. face to face contact.  This is something that I have frequently thought of, especially as a person that writes her thoughts pretty freely in a weekly blog.  Now, I have mentioned before that our connectivity with each other is something that is few and far between as technology is readily at our disposal.  As a recent addition to the neighborhood email distribution, this has become even more relevant to me. 

I love my neighborhood, it is lovely, full of relatively nice people.  I’ve only met a few folks and know them by name and recently was added to this email list for other folks that live on the street.  I did not know there was such a thing.  I guess the person that was in charge figured the two girls that live at the end of the street with no kids could care less about being added.  Okay, now  I’m just projecting my assumptions here.   I smile and wave when I see folks out and about, they do the same.  I guess I should have made jam or cookies for each of the neighbors as a ‘Olive Branch’ so to say. 

Anyhoo, less than a day after being added to this list, one of our neighbors that I’ve actually have had conversed with on more than one occasion in the last 2 ½ years emailed a concern about the house cat.  Essentially, my roommates cat that has adopted me as a lap provider, behind the ear scratcher, food dispenser, and cuddle buddy on occasion.   However, I received the e-mail that provided a well written, non aggressive recount on the cat pooping in their yard.  Ugh!  Sorry dude’s, that does suck.  Umm, he’s a cat.  Nocturnal by nature and for some reason has been pooping on their lawn.  I understand the frustration, cleaning up the poo of a pet that is not yours, well stinks!  Literally and figuratively! 

Here is the kicker though, my disappointment with the e-mail.  If this has been going on for a year plus, why not tell me or my roommate during all the times we are outside or even saying hello.  It’s not until the safety of an e-mail is given that this issue has been brought up?  Why?  I may be wrong, but I think we are both pretty approachable people. 

Well, again I do get the irony as a person that writes out her thoughts freely in blog and most likely will opt for e-mail vs. in person communication on some sticky situations.  Nevertheless, this recent encounter has made me think and reflect.  Maybe I need to grin and bear it, or buck up and have those ‘hard’ conversations in person too.  Not that they come up all that often, but why not challenge myself to rise to the communication task.

In the mean time, there has been a lot of conversations about poop in my house, which is both odd and funny! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer MAYbe

By Liz

May is my favorite month of the year, why you ask?   Well for one, its my birth month and I shamelessly love my birthday!!!!  Love it!!!  The other reason I love it, is even though the official start of Summer is in June at the solstice, May sure kicks it off. Not only is Memorial Day  and the weekend that encourages the first summer type get-aways and backyard BBQs in May.  It is the start of the blockbuster movie season. 

You may be a fan of the most recent popcorn flick, super hero jaunt, sci-fi adventure, comedy (raunchy or not), or epic drama.  Each weekend proves to have at least one or more film that will have you running to the nearest cinema.  May alone has provided three for me that did not disappointed.  

Why oh why Hollywood do you make us want to go inside to watch irresistibly good and even bad movies when the lovely summer weather entices us to be outside?   Well, even the movies have proven to be relatively recession proof.  The masses will go and watch the Iron Mans, Star Treks, and The Great Gatsby's.  Which happens to be the three May movies that I have greatly enjoyed thus far.   

I am sure to see many of the summer blockbusters at my local film houses.  My calendar is set. I hope to also see a few classics at the outdoor movie in the parks, this happens at a few venues round  Seattle.  Check for some in your local area too!  Pack a picnic, take some friends and/or family and watch a movie under the stars.  What a treat!  

Happy Memorial Day Weekend BTW!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey Bitches!!!

By Liz

Got your attention, didn't I?  Good, now stick with me, I'm not trying to be crude, I promise.  I would not call myself a  feminist, although I am totally for equality.  Equality in all realms: Gender, Race, Orientation, Religion, and the list goes on... Today however, I speak on to my fellow ladies and to the gentlemen out there that want to be enlightened.

Recently, I went to a workshop geared to young women balancing life and career.  Very empowering day, made me think of my life, and all my 'sisters' out there.  Part of what we discussed was how women can be each others biggest obstacles. Odd, eh?   Around the same time as the conference, I saw a Tina Fey quote that really hit it on the nail for me. "Know what? Bitches get stuff done!"  

So true, right?   Even with its truth, the word bitch is less than empowering. Actually, it is very disparaging in a way.  There are many, many other appropriate words out there that we can use when describing the awesome assertive woman that gets shit done.  Yet, when we (as women) get threatened or insecure we automatically go to the negative, "She's a bitch!"  Insecurity is nothing we ever struggle with, right? 

Are there actual Bitches out there?  No doubt, but lets try some of these more appropriate adjectives when describing our fellow sisters.  Like most of our parents and teachers taught us, use your words.  Here are a few words to get your minds juices flowing.  Thank you thesaurus: Assertive, insistent, self-confident, self-assured, aggressive, forward, determined, strong-minded, resolute, unwavering, controlled, precise, meticulous, organized, and brilliant to name a few.  All far more amazing and most likely well suited in lieu of 'Bitch'.   I too hope to practice what I preach here, not using that word when talking about my fellow womankind out there.  I know you can do it too!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Love Letter

Dear Seattle,

In February I asked you to be my Valentine, because I heart you in all of your awesomeness. Today, at the beginning of May with the bright sun shinning upon your spring city glow, I am ever as much in love with you! I share this with my friends, family, and the world.

I was treated to a lovely view of Seattle today, when I visited a co-workers new digs located near the Seattle Center. What a lovely new apartment building. To top it off, the building is fitted with an amazing roof top deck. Thus, a great view of Seattle and the Puget Sound had me swooning. Now I share the views with you, enjoy!