Thursday, April 18, 2013

TJ's gushing...

by Liz

TJ’s as it’s aptly referred to gets to see me about 2-3 times a week.  Each visit is met with extremely friendly staff and a business model that is odd, but works well.  The products work well with my needs and wants.  What is not to love about TJ’s? 

A particular great experience with TJ’s has me recounting it here.  After picking up some mid-week refueling items, I took my half full basket to wait in line.  Waiting in line at TJ’s is never that big of an issue, they call cashiers up quickly if more than two or three people are waiting in line.  I was ushered to a just opened lane by Lorelai.  Yes, I immediately thought of Gilmore Girls too!  Located at the convenient checkout area are some highlighted product.  One of which I remember mulling over in the isles.  I picked up the mango, coconut, chocolate thingy’s and asked Lorelai if she had ever tried these.  She had not had the experience.  Well, no worries I did not need the treat anyways right?  

Next thing I know she takes one of the packages off the shelf, rips it open, and says “Let’s remedy that then.”  Oh, seriously?  I don’t have to buy the $4.00 packet just to see if it is something I like?  It was as easy as that?  We both tried it and as while it was yummy in some sense, I’m glad I did not buy a whole packet.  Now I know…  What excellent customer service.  A small thoughtful act made me all the more gushy about a store that already has me hooked.  As customer’s needs/wants change and businesses aptly adapt, it is great to remember that a little goes a long way.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Full Circle

By Liz

It's been no secret that the Rider Chronicles has been less about the riding these days.  The bus has taken a non existent backseat as the need/want to have a little more control over my time.  Also, since King County Metro made some cuts and changes 6 months ago the buses are not as reliable and way more over crowded than they were a year ago.   There are still the few circumstances that arise where I find myself needing to rely on public transit.  One of which was today.   

Granted my trip was one way since I was able to get dropped off at work this morning.  Yay!!!  As five o'clock neared, I fired up the good old One Bus Away App to see if it was going to be the D-Line or the 15 express.  Ten minutes before the proverbial whistle blew, it looked like the 15X was going to be the winner.  Packing up my desk and glancing at the App one more time, I realized that the App is in fact crap. Delay after delay popped up and I changed my course heading to the D-line bus, when lo and behold, I see the 15x that was supposed to be 14 minutes late.  Yup, heading for the stop a block away.  Good thing I've been running and was able to make it on board before the bus took off.  

As annoying as the start to my commute home was, I found the ride carefree and a lot speedier than I expected. Of course it's been too long and I'm not sure if I can chalk this up as the norm or an exception.  It only took about twenty extra minutes to get home and start my post work activities.  I might just have to break down and bus it to and fro a couple times a week.  The money saved may be worth time and such.   I guess I won't know if I don't give it one more go!   Here is to coming full circle on the commute train.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Great Competitor…

 by Liz


A little healthy competition can bring about some desired results.  Competition with others or just yourself can be a motivating tool.  Recently, I’ve found that my biggest competition is myself, however I do like to compete with others when I can.  Usually unsuspecting folks too.

For instance, last night during my usual Wednesday swim activity I found myself sharing a lane with a familiar swimmer.  So familiar that I’ve nicked-named him “Torpedo”  because I don’t know his real name and he swims so fast.   He gets in and just goes goes goes, through his routine.  The great thing about his speedy excursion is that I benefit with little extra push/drive in my own swim.

Although Torpedo is lapping me and I’m sure that is not going to stop, I always try to increase my pace enough so I get just a little further each time before he passes me.  It’s a game that helps me get out of my head more, kick up my pace, and let my inner swim goddess dance when I kick my own ass. 

Talking to Jamie she too, said she applies a similar unrequited competition when out for runs.  Why not, right?  It is great to have that friendly competition and  break up the monotony of an activity.  That increases the likelihood that the burnout rate will decrease.  I hear all the time how exercising with a friend is a good thing, it drives you a little further and gives you additional accountability. 

However, if you’re a do it aloner (kinda like me) then you can either compete with yourself and previous times or on the unsuspecting athlete who is just getting their work out in too.  You never know, maybe they are competing against you too.