Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding a Happy Place

By Liz

This past weekend I was treated to a little nature rejuvenation. Turning last year's day of tubing excursion into a bonafide camping trip and tubing weekend with friends was a prefect call.   By camping near Leavenworth at Upper Johnny Creek, my pals and I were able to have a nice relaxing morning followed by a nice relaxing couple of hours tubing in the Wenatchee River... Then we proceeded to have a equally relaxing night around the campfire.  

All in all, a perfectly lovely weekend away and great quality time with dear ones.  Sunday morning proved or be even more superb as I awoke to move my car so my roommate Kelli could head back into Seattle for work.  After her departure at 6:15am and feeling rested enough with the already rising sun... I opted to make a pot of coffee on the camp stove and read for about an hour.  Then after pouring another cup and enjoying the peaceful nature I decided to go for a walk down to the river.  

The campground just started to see movement with some risers at the 7 o'clock hour.  However, I found it to still be rather serene.   Finding a sweet spot next to the river and sipping my coffee I enabled myself to reset.  Just listening to the river flow over the rocks.  The speed was fast enough to warrant a steady rustle, bumbling sound.   Sitting on a boulder like rock and watching as the sun's casting shadow slowly light up the trees heading up the mountain on the other bank.  I truly was so happy and in peace at that moment.  I now crave to go back and or experience more like it that seem to be hard to come by in the hustle and bustle of city life (that I too love, in a different fashion). 

Here are some pics of me Sunday Morning, truly in one of my 'happy' places!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baseball love!

by Liz

So, this year I’m just going to root, root, root for the home team!  Go Mariners, my number 2 team! After 5 summers in Seattle it’s easy to feel an alliance with the M’s.  Last Saturday I was able to it Safeco Field with some friends for a lovely evening of Mariners Baseball against the Los Angeles Angles.   I can’t be the only one that thinks of Angles in the Outfield, whenever seeing the Angels play? Right?  Don’t get me started on the Twins and Little Big League… I know you get it, I like baseball and movies! 

Not only did I enjoy the Mariners win with some great home runs, plays at home, and the essential beer and hot dog… I got to enjoy one of the best views of the city.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but if not I’ll share it with you.  The ballpark is beautiful and the view is amazing.  With over two more months of regular season, I might just have to make it out the to ballpark again.

Oh yeah!  As for my Tigers, they're kicking butt this year as are number 1 in the AL Central!  I'm really not surprised because they are that AWESOME!!!!  Go TIGERS!!!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Looking past those Blurred Lines…

by Liz

You may be familiar with Robin Thicke’s new single Blurred Lines featuring T.I. + Pharrell.  A catchy tune that has me dancing every time I hear it, yes even at the office.  This has made for an awkward encounter or two when caught by co-workers.  Yes… it really happens.  This song was the part of my 4th of July conversation and the concern that some folks have for the women’s movement and somewhat ‘rapey’ theme/message of the song.  

Until this conversation I never really thought about the WORDS of the song.  All I thought about was the entertainment/captivating beat that was a great addition to my run mix.  Now that my eyes are opened on this particular song I feel a wee bit guilty when listening to it.  Have I stopped listening to it?  Umm… No.  And, I will most likely not stop.  This is not the first song or artist that has pushed offense in their music.  It comes with the territory of free expression and entertainment.  That is all songs, movies, t.v., and books really are; entertainment.

It is nice to have those ‘guilty-pleasures to escape to.  However, they do make us feel guilty sometimes which then makes that internal dialogue go on overdrive.  Maybe a little shy to share with co-workers, friends, or family that you actually love watching THAT show/movie, listening to THAT song or artist, or reading THAT book.  You’re totally thinking about what THAT means for you, right?  I know I just did:O)  Why are we so worried what others think?  That by considering something pleasurable, but feeling guilty because we fear that others will discover how lowbrow or embarrassing our taste might just be.  It can be so confusing and makes me relish on the saying that ignorance is bliss. 

For a girl that blushes pretty darn easily I cannot afford to feel guilty at every turn for my taste in campy entertainment, racy or poppy songs, or anything really.  It’s just part of being me.  Frankly, that is okay.  Embrace the guilt!