Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mr. Blue Vespa Man

By Liz


Over the last few weeks during my commute into work I’ve noticed an interesting fella.  It only happens about once a week that I spot this man on his shinny blue Vespa ready to merge with traffic.  Folks on Vespa’s usually stand out to me because I find Vespa’s super cute.  I also instantly think of Audrey Hepburn’s Princess Ann learing to ride a Vespa while on a Roman Holiday.   She speeds off and Gregory Peck’s Joe has to run and jump on the back so they can tour the lovely city while playing hookie for a day from her Roayal life.  Love this movie!  I too hope that one day I’ll get to tour Rome while riding a Vespa.


Well, Mr. Blue Vespa Man stands out on his own for another reason.  You see, Mr. Blue Vespa Man is sporting a super duper long soup catcher of a beard.  A young man of late twenties early thirty’s has a rather thin beard that flows all the way down to his lap.  To top off this awesome picture of a Blue Vespa Man with a brilliantly long beard, he actually pulled out in front of me.  What happens with long flowing hair when it’s on a vespa speeding up a hill?  You guess it, the beard flows around over his shoulder billowing in the wind.  Classic!  Love it!  I applaud you Mr. Blue Vespa Man!  You’ve truly made the start of my day pretty bright!

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