Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little Book House

By Liz

It seems to be a new trend popping up, the little house shaped boxes on the side of the street with books to share. Super cute, no frills, and a simple library for the neighborhood walker.  I have seen these pop up around city and a few in my beloved Ballard/Whittier Heights.  Just last week I spotted one a mere block away from the homestead. Of course, I just had to check it out.  

So, my roommate and I took a evening stroll to see what gems the little box holds. Gems indeed!  Well, the box seemed fairly new and was not brimming with Classics or compelling must takes to read.  I did contemplate over borrowing the Consumers Report: 1993 Buying Guide. Yup, that's correct.  I could have dialed back two decades to see what cordless phone to buy or the best 20" $544 Sony TV and VHS player!  Important stuff!!! I managed to just thumb through the great guide and put it back for another consumer to enjoy.  

As it happened the roommate Kelli borrowed a magazine and little fiction to tempt her reading mind.  I however did not bring home any of the gems located in the little box house library.  I did donate a book that I hope would be enjoyable for some other readers in the hood.  

I love this concept!  Small little pockets of library for the community.  Thank you random book lovers for making or buying these book houses and placing them in your yards for all to have access. No hours, no check out and no fuss.  Some around the city and Globe may be a bit more darling than this one.  Maybe it's not the Library of Congress and maybe it is not oozing with the great literature of our past and present... But, I still love it!!!  

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