Friday, August 23, 2013

Off to Jetty Island

By Liz

The summer of 2013 has been a lovely one.  I’ve been lucky enough to go on a few camping trips, a couple of picnics, plenty of backyard love, and now the enjoyment of softball.  Seattle weather has been a dream!  Seriously,  I know I’m talking about the weather here, but it’s been fantastic. 


This past weekend I was able to experence another charming picnic with some darling friends.  Our local: Jetty Island… Located just 40 minutes North of Seattle off of Everett.  A first come first serve foot ferry takes groups of beach goers with their picnic baskets, floaties, beach blankets, and shovles & pails (for sand castles, duh!).  My friends and I were able to catch one of the first Ferries and ended up snaching a lovely spot. 


This was our first trip to the basically large sand bar that is a free service from the city of Everett (Thank you by the way!).  Upon our early arrival to the island, we were able to catch low tide and walk far out into the sound.  The amazing view and tons of holes showed signs of hiding crabs. 


Spending the day at the beach is never a bad thing in my books… Almost always living in someway or another not to far away from a sandy shore I’ve grown accustomed to a large bodies of water at my disposal.  This my second beach picnic of the summer reminded me that I need to do this so much more!  It’s a cheap, fun, and refreshing way to spend some time with friends and under the warming sun.  Also, who does not want to make a giant turtle in the sand with a three year old? 




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