Thursday, August 29, 2013

Skipping Stones

By Liz

This past weekend I spent some time camping with some dear lady friends at Beckler River.  This lovely girls only (sorry, no boys in our clubhouse!) time was rejuvenation with each other and good old nature.  Now, what happened on girls weekend, stays at girls weekend.  However, I will share a few things...

One is never to old to enjoy skipping stones across water.  Our lovely camp site was located next to mild flowing river.  Taking a few trips to the water we enjoyed to sights and joys of playing along a riverside.  Walking along the rocky bed shore and discovering many perfect flat rocks of all sizes.  I've never been all that great at skipping stones, but I can usually get one or two hops each time.  Little pleasures to be found all the time. 

Exploring mountain service roads leads to high and spectacular views.  Winding dirt one track roads gets you to the top or pretty close. One of my favorite pictures was taken from this exploration part of our weekend.  

This is my second camping weekend of the summer and likely my last.  I do love nature, but find two or three trips a summer last me until the next.  With Labor Day approaching and as summer is coming to a close, I am pretty happy with summer 2013.  A very fulfilling, relaxing, and all together lovely one.  

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